Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Post Conference Musings

 A little more than a week has gone by since the NJSCBWI Conference, a fun information packed weekend.   I was given great suggestions as to revisions for both a picture book and a middle grade and I'm raring to get to work, but I have to fit it in around June's hectic schedule.

One of the great workshops I attended was hosted by Tara Lazar who many people know from her blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) and from her just released picture book Monstore.  Tara's workshop was on social media, and one of her topics was on creating a blog with individuality, so with that in mind Musing and Doodlings is under construction.  I'm thinking up a catchy title and a pithy way to combine my love for children's literature and my love for teaching blind and visually impaired learners braille.  Reading and writing braille is a blind and visually impaired child's access point to literature, just as reading and writing print is a visual child's access point to literature.

Think ... think... think...

  Thanks for the inspiration, Tara, and all of the faculty and participants of NJSCBWI Conference.

Tara Lazar

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