Friday, June 28, 2013

Writers Write & Readers Read

Helen Keller's birthday was June 27th. She was among many things a writer. Her vehicle for immortalizing her ideas was her brailler.

In 1918, teachers in the United States adopted braille as the official writing system for people who are blind, thanks in great part to Helen Keller. She was a very eloquent and influential proponent for this writing system.

As I try to develop a blog that combines a love of children's literature, both the writing and reading of it, with my passion for braille literacy. I find myself struggling with something as simple as finding a title for it.  What a puny task when seen in relation to the journey Ms. Keller took to attain her goals.

Here's some titles I've thought of -Touch and Tell-Kid Lit, or Braille Lit Print Lit Kid Lit.

If anyone has a catchy blog title that combines kid lit with braille literacy and you'd like to share it , please comment on this post.  If you like either of the above titles I've come up with, let me know.

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